Switching barbers can be a perilous undertaking. Maybe you are new to the area, or perhaps you are fed up with the average care and results you’ve been getting from your old Milwaukee hairdresser. 

Whatever your reason is for looking for a new barber, you want to make sure you find the right one. Obviously, not all barbershops are created equally, so we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight what sets our Milwaukee barber apart from others, near and far. So if you have a few minutes, allow us to make our case for being the best barber shop in Milwaukee. 

Award-Winning Barbers: Who We Are

Whether you are looking for an old-school wet shave, a modern fade, or something completely unique, The Men’s Room is a premier, award-winning, full-service barbershop. Located on Oakland Avenue in Shorewood for over two decades, we take pride in our work because we understand it’s an art form. 

One of the biggest things that sets us apart is our precision focus — 100% of our focus is on men. When you do one thing over and over, you tend to get pretty good at it. Our experience, advanced education, and dedication to refining our craft yield flawless results, over and over. 

For instance, our barbers never use clipper-guards; we only cut free-hand. We use straight razors with a focus on contemporary male barbering. All this combines to give you the net effect of receiving a world-class haircut. 

Beyond results, we are also committed to providing elite customer service. When you walk through our doors, you’ll be treated how you’d like to be. We are friendly, professional, and love what we do, making The Men’s Room a fun place to be.

Barber Services: More Than Haircuts

You can get the look you want at The Men’s Room, but we’ll also make sure that you understand the breadth of your options. Since many guys simply don’t know the variety of barber services on offer, we’ll outline how we provide much more than simple haircuts and beard trims. 


  • Men’s Haircuts – Achieve the unique look you want after consulting with our barbers. Our haircuts include a free consultation, shampoo, herbal scalp and hair conditioning treatment with scalp massage, precision cut, styling, and concludes with a hot towel neck shave and shoulder massage. 
  • Boy’s Haircuts – From crew cuts to fades, we’ve got the little guys covered too! Have the boys looking clean and trendy for school or summer!

Shaves & Trims

  • Straight Razor Wet Shave – Get a precise shave without nicks, razor burn, or scratchy irritation. Watching our barbers go to work is a thing of beauty whether you want a close shave or a perfectly defined beard. 
  • Neck & Beard Trim – Your visit to the barbershop isn’t quite complete without a professional neck and beard trim. You’ll look clean when we are through. 
  • Beard Trim/Sculpt – Got a “mountain man” beard? Hey, it’s cool for a while, but if you want to tame that mane, our barbers will consider your face shape, beard growth patterns, and even hair texture to give you the best beard you’ve ever had, bar-none. 


  • Standard Hair Coloring – Hey, men can change their hair color, too. If you feel like experimenting, or you know exactly what you want, we can help you achieve it. Whether it’s some highlights or a more fundamental change, we’ll provide the ideal men’s hair color treatment. 
  • Grey Blending Treatment – While there’s no doubt that grey hair can be a masculine and empowering look, sometimes subtlety is key. We’ll help you maintain a natural style with our grey hair blending treatment. 

Microzone Skin Treatments

  • Men’s Skin Fitness – Clean blockages and get smooth with this purifying treatment formulated for men. 
  • Age Repair – Repair, revitalize, and fight the signs of aging by packing the skin with nutrients and peptides.
  • Lip Renewal – Smooth, condition, and restore lips while softening fine lines utilizing repairing vitamins and firming peptides.
  • Eye Firm – Minimize puffiness, dark circles, and smooth out crow’s feet. Address multiple eye concerns with a single treatment.
  • Hand Repair – Help repair worn hands with an age-defying, moisture-packed remedy for chapped, ragged hands. This nourishing treatment provides immediate dry skin relief, making it ideal in the winter. 

Schedule Your Appointment

One other thing before we go — complimentary clean-ups between cuts. We offer it, others don’t. We are a cut above, in more ways than one here at The Men’s Room. Thanks for reading, and we hope you come experience our Milwaukee barbershop soon!