While curly hair can be difficult to tame, it can give you great volume and an endless variety of hair-styling possibilities. If you have curly hair and are wondering what you can do with your hair to improve your look, consider some of the hair cuts and styles below!

Curly Undercut

The ever-popular undercut has shaved or tapered sides and back with the top ranging in length depending on your desired look. This style is great for adding a bit of height and slimming down your face and is one of the handiest haircuts for men with curly hair.

How To Style

Using a hairdryer, dry hair from the roots up to lift the hair upwards and backwards. Once dry, rub some pomade on your fingertips and rub lightly through your hair to keep your curls neat and glossy.

Recommended hair styling products: American Crew Hair Recovery + Thickening Shampoo, American Crew Pomade

Curly Comb Over/Side Part

For men with wavy, thicker hair, curly side part is a haircut worth considering. To achieve this hairstyle, the sides are trimmed shorter, leaving some length on top. To keep this hairstyle maintained, ask your barber about getting a hard part bladed in. This will help save you time when styling your hair in the morning.

How To Style

Using a hairdryer, dry hair from the roots up to lift the hair upwards and to the side. Use your hands to style hair to one side. Once dry, rub a wax through the hair for a stong hold and a natural shine. If you want to know how to make curly hair wavy, consider getting a sea salt spray to add more of a wave to the curls.

Recommended hair styling products: Suavecito Original Hold Pomade, American Crew Heavy Hold Pomade

Ready For A New Look?

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