Your face shape is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a haircut. The wrong haircut can accentuate the wrong features and make you look out of proportion. The right haircut will highlight your best features and help you look your best. Here at Men’s Room Barber Shop in Milwaukee, we’re all about ensuring our customers have the perfect haircut for them. Learn more below, and contact us today.

a hair stylist analyzing a client's face shape

Determine Your Facial Shape

First, you’ll need to know your facial shape in order to ensure you have the best men’s haircut for your facial shape. Our local barbers recommend that you look at your face straight-on in a mirror and then trace the outline of your face on the mirror. This will give you a good idea if your face is oblong, square, heart, or another.

a barber cutting a man's hair

Ask Your Local Barber for Pointers

Your local barber in Milwaukee can most definitely offer recommendations on which haircut is right for you based on your facial shape. For example, men with oval face shapes look great with side parts, as well as the pushed-back long style of haircut.

a man with longer hair getting their hair cut

Decide Which Haircut is Best for You

Your Milwaukee barber will most likely give you several options for the perfect haircut for your facial shape. Now, the hard part: deciding. For example, men with square faces look great with slicked-back hair to show off their edgy features. Buzz cuts look good, too.

a man combing his hair, smiling

Rock the Look

Once you’ve decided on which men’s haircut is for you, now it’s time to rock the look. You’ll notice right away that your features will be more prominent and noticeable, and you’ll look great, too. Let our expert barbers at Men’s Room Barber Shop in Milwaukee offer you the best haircut for men. Stop by today!

Our local men’s-only barbershop offers the best haircuts because we specialize in men’s only cuts. Let us help you look your best. Schedule an appointment for a men’s haircut today!

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