There are a ton of things to worry about when it comes to aging and unfortunately, your thick and lustrous hair is one of them. An estimated 40 to 50% of men and women will suffer from hair loss by age 50, while the number of hair transplants has climbed by 42% since 2007. But along with the facts also come the myths. For years, people have believed in old wives’ tales about hair growth and hair loss. Here at The Men’s Room Barbershop, your source to buy American Crew online, we’re debunking some of these myths once and for all.

  1. Pull out one gray hair and two will grow back. This one is false! The bad news is most people get grey hair as they age anyway.
  2. Over-shampooing can make you lose your hair. False! Many people may notice they shed daily after they shampoo or brush their hair. Each day 100 to 200 hairs shed and these hair follicles are replaced by other hair follicles entering the growth phase.
  3. Standing on your head makes your hair grow. This one is false, too! As funny as it sounds, we’ve heard this myth quite a few times. Hair loss isn’t a blood flow problem, though. Instead, it’s caused by other factors like age and genetics.
  4. There’s no cure for baldness. False! While there is no “miracle cure” there are certainly many treatments like government-approved drugs, laser therapy procedures or hair transplants.
  5. Hats cause hair loss and baldness. False! Hats do not cause hair loss in any way or form. Period.