The Salon vs The Shop 

As a guy, what do you want, a “haircut” or a “hairstyle”? Do you want to visit a barber or a stylist? 

We have to point out that this question is different for men and women. Women don’t go to barbers, they go to stylists. They don’t necessarily go just to have their hair cut shorter but styled into the look they desire. 

And when women visit salons, they know there is an array of services available to them, including hair coloring, waxing, and skincare treatments. 

At the traditional barber shop, there’s a guy standing there in a white smock with clippers buzzing in his hand. You get your haircut because it’s scraggly and long, maybe get a shave, then you’re out of there. 

But say you’re a guy who doesn’t just want his hair buzzed. You want it styled. What are your options?

Milwaukee’s Hair Salon for Men

The Men’s Room Barber Shop has it’s name for a reason. We are a “men’s only” service, so the traditional name of a barber shop applies to our business. 

Yet in a way, it doesn’t. What we really are is Milwaukee’s premiere hair salon for men. 

Consider that we offer:

  • Free, no-obligation barber consultations. You can come to our shop and discuss the look you want. We’ll offer advice and tips on how you can achieve that look at no charge. Try doing that at a regular barber shop. Ask for a style “consultation” and the barber will smirk, shake his head, and yell out “next” to get somebody in his chair. 
  • We offer a complete line of men’s grooming, styling, and wet shaving products. In fact, we offer the largest selection in the entire state. 
  • Services include a hot towel neck shave (classic barber) and a shoulder massage. We also do scalp massage with deep conditioning treatment. Try asking an old school barber for a massage. Not. Gonna. Happen. 

We are certainly a men’s barber shop. We offer all the traditional cuts and services of the old school barber. 

But we are also a modern salon dedicated to the needs of today’s well-groomed gentleman. 

There are many hair salons in Milwaukee, but they cater more to women than men. We love traditional barber shops that cater only to men, but their services are limited for men who want salon-level services. 

The Men’s Room Barber Shop is the perfect blend of the two. We are, at our core, a men’s barber shop designed to cater exclusively to men’s needs. But we have the services and amenities you’d usually associate with a women’s salon. 

This combo means guys in Milwaukee can saunter into our barber shop and get the comfortable feeling they’ve always associated with the red, white, and blue barber’s pole. 

You’ll walk out with confidence and a sense of quality that is beyond what any old “chop shop” can provide. We help men create a individual style that positively impacts their self-esteem and confidence.

That’s a complete experience. Come visit our Milwaukee barber shop today!