The New Year is upon us, and as one of the best barbers in Milwaukee, Men’s Room Barbershop is looking forward to another great year! Just like with every new year, guys everywhere are in the beginning stages of following their resolutions and are starting to make changes for the better. But in addition to getting a gym membership or following a healthy recipe, the new year is a great time to revisit and improve your grooming routine.

To kick off the New Year, we’re going to use our first 2020 blog post to help make your grooming efforts more effective – so, without further ado, our Milwaukee barbers reveal essential tips that will help supercharge your look for the new year.

Begin Exfoliating

Many people know that moisturizing is essential for healthy skin. However, exfoliating can help enhance your facial care efforts. Exfoliating helps eliminate dead skin cells that linger on the face, clogging pores and causing breakouts. Exfoliating should be done at home at least three times a week, but if you want to start the year off right, book one of our men’s barbershop facial treatments – your face will get a rejuvenating treatment that will clean away blockages and soften skin. Plus our skilled barbers will give you personalized advice on how to properly care for it in the new year.

Find The Right Hair Product

It is time to finally get rid of the hair gel that barely gets you the look you desire, make 2020 the year that you finally dial in on the right hair product. While it may take some time and experimentation, finding a men’s hair product that works for your hair can drastically improve your look and save you from a lot of hassle. At Men’s Room Barber Shop, we carry some of the best men’s grooming products, both in-store and in our online shop.

Maintain Your Facial Hair 

Whether you sport a full beard, some manly stubble, or a clean-shaven face, knowing how to groom and style it properly is essential for looking your very best. Those with beards and stubble should take time to focus on their neckline – most men tend to shave their beard too high, which ends up looking off and accentuating any droop under your chin. If you want a clean, smooth shave, you can always schedule a straight razor shave.

Keep Up With Haircuts

Going months without a haircut can leave your hair looking wild. Therefore, it is important to regularly visit your barber. If you are wondering how often you should visit your barber, check out a recent blog post

Schedule an Appointment with Your Milwaukee Barbers

Since it is the beginning of a brand new year, there’s never been a better time to update your grooming regimen for a new look. Try these tips to look your best in 2020, and if you would like a professional’s opinion, you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our skilled Milwaukee barbers, to ensure that you get the exact cut and services you need. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online!