Ever sit down in your barber’s chair and feel like you were pretty clear about what you wanted, only to end up with a haircut you have to cover with a hat the next few weeks? We’ve been there. While we offer the best quality haircuts by our professionally trained barbers at Men’s Room Barbershop in Milwaukee, we understand that communication can be a sore spot for some. To avoid a haircut that could have your girlfriend wondering if she still likes you or not after, try these easy steps to better explain to your barber what you really want.

Come Prepared

Next time you’re ready for a haircut, take a few minutes to search the internet for some styles and cuts you like. Have you ever tried explaining to a barber what David Beckham’s hair looks like? “It does…you know. That “thing” while making some sweeping gesture. Man, that doesn’t help the barber and that won’t help you in the long run either. Play it safe by having a picture ready to go. Think it’s weird to have a picture of David Beckham saved to your phone? Don’t be. That man is beautiful and you will be too once you get the trim you really want. 

Know The Difference Between A Style And A Cut

This isn’t some either/or situation, fellas. Believe it or not, there is a difference when you use the word style instead of cut, and vice versa. A style can be as simple as running some pomade through your locks and bing, bang, boom you’re ready to go. A cut is exactly what it sounds like: a cut. Clippers and all, the hair on the floor, you don’t necessarily need to cut your hair to style it. Our barbers at Men’s Room Barbershop in Milwaukee will certainly help you style it after we cut your hair, but don’t feel like you have to do all out for one look. Don’t catch yourself with a permanent top knot because you thought you wanted to try it for a night. It was fun while it lasted, but don’t let your curiosity become a bad phase.

Are You Sure About That?

Sometimes the cut we want doesn’t fit with the hair we have. We know it’s hard to hear but it’s for the best. It looks good on that guy because he has the hair to make it work. If you ask for a haircut that may not work with very curly hair or super thin hair, of course you’re going to feel frustrated. As barbers, we spend plenty of time with hair of all textures, lengths, and thickness. We can let you know in the nicest way possible if a cut or style just won’t work for hair like yours. Know your hair ahead of time to avoid any headaches about your haircut and if you’re not sure what kind of hair you have: ask your barber!

At Men’s Room Barbershop in Milwaukee, we’ve been in this business long enough to learn how to decode all kinds of talk. It doesn’t hurt to speak the language though. We do our best to give you a cut that fits your look and your life. Come see us at Men’s Room Barbershop today.