Oh, the ever famous “No-Shave November”. If you’re not familiar with the month, it’s the time of year where men decide that for the entire month of November they forego one of the most important aspects of their hygiene. That’s right, no shaving or trimming your beard or mustache for the entire month. Our question is why?


Every year during the month of November, the idea is to save money on the products you use for your hair and facial hair. Whether that’s hair gel, wax for your mustache, haircuts or beard trimmings, the money you would normally spend on those products and services are to go to an organization like the Amerian Cancer Society.


For 30 days during November, you stop shaving, trimming, getting haircuts or maintaining your hair for the entire month. This means you stop spending money on your products as well as your hair care services. With that money, you donate to a cancer foundation of your choice. Since you’re not using that money, why not donate it to a great cause? Beyond that, when people that know and love you stop to ask why you’re so hairy and unkempt, you can tell them all about the cause you’ve joined. Not only will the rescind their judgment, but they’ll also give you give you props for being such a good guy. You might look rough, but you’re raising awareness about a cause that others can easily join as well.


If you work somewhere that requires you to look put together that’s perfectly okay. You can opt to trim up throughout the month with your own tools, while still saving that money you would normally spend at the barber. You’re welcome to participate as much as you would like and when the month is over, treat yourself to a haircut at the Men’s Room Barbershop. Our barber cuts will bring back the style you were missing all of November, though, we think donating to a great cause is pretty stylish too.