When it comes to men’s haircuts, there are typically two types of men: those who follow a strict haircut routine, getting a haircut every week or two, and those who aren’t quite sure how often they should get a haircut and wait until their hair gets a little wild before visiting their nearby barbershop.

If you aren’t sure how often you should be getting your haircut, this post is for you! While the duration between haircuts significantly depends on your hair type, plus the cut and style you want. Continue reading to discover when your next haircut with your Milwaukee barber should be.

How Long Between Male Haircuts

As a guy, whether or not you should visit your barber for a haircut ultimately comes down to how fast your hair grows as well as the style you want to achieve. While genetics, your hair type and your lifestyle can affect how fast your hair grows, the average growth rate for hair is about a ½ inch per month. Hair typically grows faster when you are healthy — having a poor diet, not getting enough exercise, having high stress levels, experiencing hair loss can cause growth to be slower. How fast your hair grows combined with your desired hairstyle makes all the difference.

For instance, if you usually get a crew cut, buzz cut, or a skin fade on the sides with a textured crop on the top, you may want to consider cutting your hair more often. When you get a shorter haircut, even with half an inch hair growth your haircut can be thrown off. However, for longer haircuts, such as a classic long taper on the sides with a medium-length cut on top, your hair growth won’t be too noticeable until maybe a month or so.

As a rule of thumb, how often you get a haircut really comes down to your hair length, style, and your budget. For short haircuts, we recommend getting your haircut at least once a month. For men with medium-length hair, every one to two months should provide sufficient upkeep. And for long hair, you can get a cut once every three to six months.

Helpful Tip: When it comes to important occasions such as a job interview, wedding, special date, or birthday, get your haircut a few days prior to allow the cut and your hair to settle. This will make styling much easier.

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