Alright, guys, let’s be honest, your hair care regimen is certainly less demanding than your girlfriends is. While you get more haircuts and use more hair gel than she does, the effort you have to put in on a daily basis is minimal. Now, that’s not to say that your efforts aren’t worthy of praise, because they certainly are, however, when it comes to date night with your fine lady, why not put in a little more effort than usual? Here are some tips to make your hair a little more fine-tuned than usual.


Condition Your Hair – If you don’t typically condition your hair then tonight is the night. At some point during date night, your lady is going to want to run her fingers through your hair, why not make it extra soft and silky this time?
Style It – If you’re used to slapping a hat on your head, or simply love rocking the bedhead style, why not do it up with a classic wave? Style your hair for date night, you know your date will so don’t show up dressed down.
Lock It In – If you’re not used to using hairspray then try it out. Lock in that style that you’ve worked for all night and battle the sure-to-come cowlicks.
Scent It – Spray on a modest layer of cologne in your hair to give it an extra-sexy boost of smell good. You wouldn’t want her to lean in for a hug with hair that smells like unscented hairspray right?
Follow these hair care tips for your date night and she’ll surely notice, and if you’re in need of a men’s haircut for the night, leave it all to our barbers and they’ll take care of business. Call us or walk in for a men’s haircut at the Men’s Room Barbershop and prepare for a successful date.