Whether it’s the guy on the train with blonde highlights in his caesar cut or the guy from IT refusing to give up his ponytail, there will always be someone we wish we could take to one side and say: “Listen pal, you’re not doing yourself any favors with the hair.” There are few things worse than a bad hairstyle on a well-meaning guy. Here at the Men’s Room Barber Shop, the best place for you to buy American Crew products, we’ve seen this far too many times. Avoid these 10 hairstyle mistakes and ensure you stay on the right side of cool.

  1. Pretending you still have hair when you don’t. Who among us hasn’t looked at the remaining wispy candy floss on a friend’s head and thought: “Just shave it off!” If it’s obviously going, hanging on to what you’ve got (or worse, attempting a comb-over) smacks of insecurity. A close crop suggests the problem has been dealt with decisively.
  2. Experimenting with hair dye. Thankfully the days of frosted tips are long gone. Rarely does dyed hair work in a man’s favour – especially if the colour is meant to camouflage going grey. Instead, embrace your silver fox status in George Clooney fashion.
  3. Ignoring your hair type. Be realistic about the kind of hair you’ve got. Don’t go thinking you can be a goodfella if you’ve got thin blond hair.
  4. Channeling the 90′s. Chances are you probably don’t wear the same shoes, listen to the same bands or have the same girlfriend as you did when you were 15. You should also not have the same haircut.